Maui Art Gallery was created when a Gallery Director, Michael John Peters became jobless for the first time in his life.  With no art to sell, no way to make ends meet, he began to paint.  

He painted all day, all night, every day.  It was a passion, an obsession to create.  The first person to purchase his artworks on ebay was Sean Ashley, owner of Genius Fine Art.  Over 3 months he would go on to sell 130 original works.  His first month on etsy, 109 original works, and than he quit them both.  

Maui Art Gallery was opened in August of 2020.  In the first year his artwork has been on display at the "Arts For Humanity" exhibition in Singapore.  His 4 phase artworks were published as the worlds first in the Ritz Heralds publication.  Forbes magazine, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Google News, and more have recently published stories about the self taught artist.

If you visit the gallery, you will often find Peters, covered in paint, creating some sort of experimental artwork.  He combines science and technology to create.  A 150w Co2 laser and a 3d printer are at his disposal right there in the gallery.  He makes his own paint with photochromatic, thermalchromatic and thermophotolumincecent qualities.  You are just as likely to see him with a flamethrower in his hand as a paintbrush.  

If he's not in the gallery, you might find him nearby at one of Kihei's beaches.  They have the best sand on the island for creating sand castles. 


If you are part of a non profit or school and are seeking items for silent auction or educational purposes please call or stop by the gallery.  We will, within our limitations, not hesitate to take part.  We take pride in helping where we can, and have participated with the Alzheimer's Association, Autistic Wellness Center, Boys and Girls Club, Women helping Women, Maui Food Bank, and more.